"Music has three basic elements, rhythm, melody and harmony. For me to define it as music, one must have, discernibly, at least one of these. Without this, you cross the line into another art from; sound sculpture."
Mark Wingfield Composer

List of works

Recent compositions and commissions:

2014 - Commisioned to compose a piece for solo piano for Kathryn Stott.

2014 - Nine pieces for jazz trio for an album with Asas Sirkis and Yaron Stavi

2012 - Smouldering Bridge - premiered at Kings Place London

2012 - Parallel Time - premiered at Kings Place London

2010 - Nine pieces for jazz quintet samples and electronics in collaboration with René von Grünig. Perormed by myself, René von Grünig, Iain Ballamy, Yaron Stavi and Andy Motz.

2009 - Fourteen pieces for jazz quintet performed by jazz musicians Iain Ballamy, Jeremy Stacy, Robert Mitchell and Yaron Stavi as well as himself. The subsequent recording was released the same year on Dark Energy Music, the album entitled Sleeper Street.

2008 - Twelve pieces for guitar, harpsichord and saxophone a collaboration with Jane Chapman and Iain Ballamy that culminated in a recording and subsequent release on an album entitled Three Windows.

2007 - Commissioned to compose Trango a piece for harpsichord and baroque oboe by Elaine Funaro and Geoffry Burgess.

2006 - Orange Sky : Blue Storm, premiered at the BMIC Cutting Edge Series London, commissioned and performed by renowned classical players Kate Ryder and Jane Chapman.

2006 - Kayenta Ghosts, premiered at Cargo in London.

2006 - Serra Central and Kayenta Ghosts, premiered at Cargo in London.

2006 - Naiads, for oboe and piano. Commissioned by European Development Funded Waterways Project.

2005 - Guitar Encryptions, 13 piece for guitar and keyboard.

2004 - Kayenta Spires, composed for Jane Chapman

2003 - Six pieces for jazz quintet. Recorded and released on the album Liquid Maps.

2002 - Five pieces for jazz quintet. Recorded and released on the album Fallen Cities.

2000 - Tryfan, Three string quartets, commissioned by McFall’s Chamber.





Alongside his years of performing and recording jazz, Mark spent time studying western and non-western classical forms and developing further a long standing interest in Indian, African and Japanese music. On Mark’s CD Fallen Cities, he collaborated with Lebanese singer Samia Afra, and also worked and performed with Turkish musician Gökhan Özyavuz in Istanbul as well as Zambian musician KT Lumpa.

From 1999 to 2001 Mark was a member of the ground breaking internet group Res Rocket. The group consisted of musicians from around the globe who, using special software, collaborated to compose, perform and record for the first time ever, entirely over the internet. As well as producing a recording, the group played live in San Francisco, Paris, Oslo and London. As well as the regular members, guests such Peter Gabriel, Mat Black (Ninja Cut), Todd Rundgren and Tricky performed and recorded with the group.

Mark collaborated with the video artist Ivan Engler to produce a video work that was projected behind his jazz group during performances in Zurich in 2002.