Mark Wingfield Composer


“One of today’s most creative transatlantic musical voices” BMIC

"Irresistible beauty" "Extraordinary" "Sublime" "Magnificent" LUX ATENEA

"I found myself amazed" The WholeNote

"Innovator" The Guardian

“One of the UK’s best new composers” SPNM (S.A.M.)

“I was lucky enough to see...pieces written by Mark Wingfield that almost moved me to tears.” BBC




Mark’s music sounds new, exciting, sometimes challenging for performers, yet it remains extremely accessible for audiences. He has succeeded in creating a rich personal language, fusing jazz, world folk and classical influences, which is always compelling and unequivocally affirming a new tonalism.

“When you improvise in jazz, every note you play has to relate to the chord you’re playing against, every note has a specific colour. Its the same with any music of course, but there is a particular approach you take when improvising: your ear and your instrument’s voice become one. This jazz based approach is very much involved in the way I compose.”